Coating Thickness Measurement? There’s an App for that.

Coating Thickness Measurement? There’s an App for that.

The pen-like PHASCOPE® PAINT is Fischer’s newest mobile measurement instrument. This handy device is designed for fast and easy coating thickness measurement and uses an App for the data analysis.

Thanks to the very large measuring range up to 3000 μm, it is particularly well-suited for very thick coatings. Additionally, it takes advantage of the computing power already in your pocket: the readings are analyzed and reported using a simple app for smartphone or tablet.

Application in the field requires flexibility, as many different coatings need to be tested. That’s why the PHASCOPE PAINT relies on the versatile eddy current method. For example, paint coatings can be measured on magnetizable substrates such as steel or iron, as well as on non-magnetic metals such as aluminum – without the need to switch the device or the probe.

When testing on samples of different aluminum alloys, the different conductivities of the metal can have an effect on the measurement of the coating thickness. That’s why the PHASCOPE PAINT has a conductivity compensation feature, which ensures accurate measurement results.

This versatility allows for a wide variety of applications, from the automotive industry to heavy corrosion protection.

Our App for the PHASCOPE® PAINT ist now avaible on Google Play

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