Grace Chua, a Marketing Specialist at Helmut Fischer, demonstrates how user-friendly it is to use the Fischerscope X-RAY XDLM through a series of tutorials. With motor-driven axes (optional) and measurement direction from top to bottom, the measurement instruments from the XDL® range enable automated serial tests. A variety of versions – differing in their X-ray source, filter, Aperture and detector – make it possible to select the X-ray device with the configuration that best suits your specific measurement task.

Tutorial part 1: Introduction, Warm Up and Reference Measurement

Tutorial part 2: Standard Free Measurements, Calibration and Normalization

Tutorial part 3: XY Programming and Pattern Recognition

Grace Chua

Grace Chua is a Marketing Manager at Helmut Fischer based in Switzerland. She contributes to maintaining the company blog, product tutorial videos and marketing project implementations.

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    Hallo, ich habe deise Maschine gekauft aber ich brauche adhesive round foil d= 30

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