FMP Series Tutorials

FMP Series Tutorials

Grace Chua, a Marketing Specialist at Helmut Fischer, demonstrates how user-friendly it is to use the FMP Series through a series of tutorials. The handheld coating thickness measurement devices from the FMP10 to FMP40 range deliver precise results and the various measurement techniques available make them highly flexible. Models are available with magnetic inductive measurement (DELTASCOPE®), eddy current measurement (ISOSCOPE®) or both techniques combined (DUALSCOPE®). By attaching different probes to these instruments, you quickly create the right solution for virtually any measurement task.

Tutorial part 1: Introduction

Tutorial part 2: Features

Tutorial part 3: Fischer Data Center

Grace Chua

Grace Chua is a Marketing Manager at Helmut Fischer based in Switzerland. She contributes to maintaining the company blog, product tutorial videos and marketing project implementations.

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