Grace Chua, a Marketing Specialist at Helmut Fischer, demonstrates how user-friendly it is to use the Phascope Paint through a series of tutorials. The Phascope Paint is a pen-like probe used to measure coating thickness of paint, plastic and varnish on both ferrous and non-ferrous substrates. The Phascope Paint is light, ergonomic and user-friendly. The versatile Phascope Paint is ideal for measuring all thicker paint coatings – applicable in industries ranging from automotive to corrosion protection. It comes with an App available on the Google Playstore to evaluate results and export data.

Tutorial part 1: Creating an Application

Tutorial part 2: Normalization and Calibration

Grace Chua

Grace Chua is a Marketing Manager at Helmut Fischer based in Switzerland. She contributes to maintaining the company blog, product tutorial videos and marketing project implementations.

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